My Android Page first created 2/06/15 - last modified 25/1/17 Page Author: Ty Harness
I'm a big fan of devices running Android so I've decided to port all my old Win32 sheet metal applications over to Android and release them on the Google Play Market Place when time allows me. Any old windows users of the sheet metal software contact me if you would like the new Android versions. OK I appreciate some users have said Android is a Phone OS or a limited OS for cheap tablets, but if you haven't tried Android you'll be surprised how powerfull it is. It's an intuitive OS that your staff will probably already know how to use without any training. It's fast, productive and ideal for my sheet metal apps. Sorry, I do not have any iOS applications and at this point in time.

For new Android users, I'm going to release a demo free version and a Pro paid app version which will only be available via Google Play. The Pro version will have a few extra features like being able to export DXF etc. Beta versions can be made available to the orginal full users of the windows software and new Android users using any of the paid pro apps. To become a beta tester please send me (ty at proof of when and where you purchased the software plus a valid Google Gmail address.
List of apps:

  • stordemo1/storpro1 - Square to Round productivity app available on Google Play.
  • conetdemo1/conetpro1 - Cone Transformer productivity app. Beta available to testers.