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Square to circle transformers are often used for HVAC ducting, fume hoods and hoppers. Traditionally sheet metal workers are taught how to develop patterns on the drawing board and then transfer the pattern to the work piece, but the modern shop is likely to use laser cutting or CNC nibbling and therefore G code files are generally generated from CAD data. The DXF file format is a favorite of the sheet metal industry because most CAD software will import DXF. Engineer's need properties like volume and centroids. Estimator's need area calculations. Storpro1 is a light-weight but powerful app to run on a Android phone or Tablet.

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Figure 1a,b - Portrait Screen Shots form the Huawei Y550 3x4.5 screen - Android KitKat 4.4.4
Figure 2 - Storpro1 dxf exports imported into my favorite CAD system - TurboCadv7

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Right button the above dxf links and click save-as and test out the dxf files in your favorite cad system.
05/04/19 The Pro Version is now a free app. Sorry I may not be able to offer user support as I'm now a full time carer. Please don't be offended is I don't reply.
I will still support the app if you purchased the windows or android version but please send proof of purchase.

11/09/16 The Pro version has been released as a paid app. The pro version includes pattern development and the ability to export 2D and 3D dxf files.

Old News
15/09/15 The Demo app is available via Google Play.
Permissions and Requirements
The demo version requires no special permissions.

The pro version requires storage permissions granting on installation for users using up-to and including Lollipop. Marshmallow users need to enable storage permission (post install) to use the new features - goto settings-apps-storpro1-permissions and switch on storage use.
Simply enter the parameters on the main activity form. The parameters are fairly self explanatory.

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N is the number of divisions around the upper circle. Choose options like show normals from the action bar menu and press render. On the OpenGL Activity you can use touch gestures. Slide your finger left/right horizontal to rotate the model about the Y axis and slide finger up/down for rotation about the X axis. By default OpenGL has the Z axis perpendicular to the screen. Use the pinch/expand gesture to zoom in and out along the Z axis.
Note for versions below Jelly Bean such as Ice Cream Sandwich uses the dedicated Menu Button to launch the additional menu options.

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Figure 2 - Portrait and landscape screen shots from the Huawei Asccend P1 3x4.5 screen - Android Ice Cream Sandwich

The screen shots don't do the actual screen quality justice.
The face normals can be rendered by ticking Show Normals check box from the action bar on the main activity.

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Figure 3 - Landscape screen shots from the Galaxy Tab 2 - 3.5x6 screen Jelly Bean 4.2.2

Android x86 KitKat 4.4.2 3rd stable release.

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Figure 4 - Acer Iconia Tab W500 with Android x86 KitKat 4.4.2 10.1" screen

I haven't found the easy way of getting a screen shot yet on the Acer Iconia W500. The lighting behaves slightly different to all the native Android tabs I've seen it on but is still useable. Privacy Policy
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