Ty Harness Sheet Metal Software (Win32 Version is now defunct and no longer available to new users, please see note below)

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The final versions previously released: STOR1.5, CONET1.5, SEGB1.4, and STOS1.4. The software was developed for win98/ME/NT4,XP,VISTA and 7. MS provides no mainstream support for the aforementioned Operating Systems therefore the sheet metal software is now defunct. If you still have W7 the software should install and work. I believe MS will offer security updates til 2020 for W7 but it's likely to upgrade automatically to Windows10. The sheet metal software only partially works on Windows 10 and with future updates of 10 the sheet metal software is likely to stop working altogether - if it hasn't already.

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24/10/16 The Members Area DB is now closed. I no longer maintain any online user information and there's no way to register the software. Any existing users who haven't got a backup and need to reinstall the software contact me but I'll need some proof of purchase.

18/01/16 The Members Area DB will be maintained till mid 2016. I'll find another mechanism to provide existing full version users a way access the old files, but there will not be any more more updates for Windows.

2/1/16: The sheet Metal software is now at the end of life and is not available to purchase any more. I'm working on Android versions that will be available on the Google Play Market place. Thank you to all my customers over the last 10 years and I will still support existing full version users as long as I can.

30/07/2015 Windows 10 is out there. Upgrading from 81 to 10 seems to be partially successful. The main software appears to be broadly compatible and is best used in desktop mode with a proper mouse and keyboard. I need to do further testing.
  • It appears the user must have admin privileges or choose right button and run as administrator.
  • After further Win10 updates several users have reported problems.

    The software is +15 years old now and is quite dated so I need to set an end of life of Jan 2016. Windows development tools and web hosting are quite expensive now for the sole developer plus the administration of handling the sales is also time consuming and expensive. I will provide all existing users support for as long I'm able. I am moving over to Java and Android development where you can produce software quicker with a ready made market place where apps can be offered in a more automated and much cheaper way plus I have a need for mobile applications now that the phone and tablet have become so popular. I've got some more info on the Android development here: STORforAndroid.htm

    Old News: The Members Area for full version users to collect updates and freebies has proven quite popular but I haven't been able to contact all the early adopters of the software to inform them how to register their software. Please email if you are unsure how to register or you have forgot your pw. It's important that you use the email and company name where you originally purchased the software for is provided for verification. Drop me a line at: ty <-at,> ty harness. co uk if you'd like any specific questions answering.

    You need to replace the <-at,> with the at symbol and the address contains no spaces. Sorry just checking you're not a bad robot.