Right Cone Pattern - DXF Export first created 29/07/08 - last modified 29/07/08 Page Author: Ty Harness
Some CAM software can not import a Continuous Polyline produced from CONET V1 so this application will allow you to convert the tyconet format to DXF format comprising of only arcs and lines.

Please note that only the patterns of right (including frustum) cones contain pure circular arcs. This export utility is not suitable for oblique cones or right cones cut obliquely.

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Figure 1 - Screen Shot of ConeT - A right cone always has a zero offset

  • Simply design your right cone using CONETV10 and save your tyconet file as normal to (say) the Desktop
  • Open the converter import the conet file from the saved destination.
  • Check the imported dimensions are correct.
  • Export the DXF comprising of arcs and lines and save to (say) the Desktop.

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    Figure 2 - Screen Shot of the converter software

    Figure 3 shows the standard continuous polyline exported by CONETV1 and figure 4 shows the conet file converted to 2 arcs and 2 lines which is more suitable for some machine tools.

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    Figure 3 - A continuous polyline

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    Figure 4 - 2 Arcs and 2 lines


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