3 Way Branch Piece first created 06/01/09 - last modified 08/01/09 Page Author: Ty Harness

3 Way Branch Piece (3WBP) will be available to full version users of STOR,SEGB,CONET, and STOS from the members area from Feb. 2009

The 3 way branch piece is an alternative design to a breeches piece. This particular style of 3 way branch is suited for aesthetic sheet metal work such as coal hods and petrol measures[1].

Figure 1 shows a screen shot of Branch Piece Beta version 1. There are 3 circular entry/exits defined by their diameter, position x,y and rotation about the z axis. Please see Drg No. BP1TEST for further details on how the user parameters are applied to the 3 way branch.

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Figure 1 - Screen Shot of an early beta version.

A half pattern is developed but be careful when the geometry is asymmetric that the pattern must be mirrored to produce the full branch piece. Figure 2 shows a 3D dxf output from 3WBP which is symmetrical and figure 3 shows the asymmetrical case.

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Figure 2 - Two symmetrical 3 way branches imported and rendered in TurboCAD 10.5 (TM)

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Figure 3 - An asymmetrical 3 way branch imported and rendered in TurboCAD 10.5 (TM)


[1] Dickason A,., The Geometry of Sheet Metal Work, Longman Scientific & Technical(1987) pp271 - 274

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