Cardboard Transformers first created 22/02/06 - last modified 22/02/06 Page Author: Ty Harness
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Figure 1 - Production Line

You do not have to be a sheet metal worker to make square to rounds, cones,segmental bends etc. I hope my software reaches a wider audience than the sheet metal world. One of things I do is test my patterns in cardboard first. Working in cardboard and paper is not that easy - I've used tape, glue and I find wire is good for holding the input and output shape - sheet metal work is easier.

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Figure 2 - Ready for the paint shop
Anybody who wants to showcase their sculpture whether cardboard,metal,wood or concrete then please email me. I'll post your picture in this web page with your name (and a link) if you want. There's an email address on the main page.

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