Cone-to-Cuboid first created 19/12/06 - last modified 10/12/08 Page Author: Ty Harness
Cone-to-Cuboid beta version 1 is now available to full version users of STOR12 and is available to download from the members area.
Cone to Cuboid like PyCy is another way to transform from a square to a circle which may be more suitable than either PyCy or a conventional square to circle design. More information on square to circle transformers can be found on following page : Square to Circle web page. Using mathematics to find the intersection of a line with a plane,sphere,cylinder or in this case a cone is an extremely powerful technique for the sheet metal worker in that you can solve most of the transformer connections that are often encountered.

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Figure 1 - Cone to Cuboid Screen Shot where the cone base diameter is greater than the cuboid dims.

The software allows the user to enter key parameters to describe the geometry: Cone Base diameter, apex height, and the cuboid dimensions where the height is measured from the cone base. Download the PDF drawing below which will help you understand the parameter dimensions:

Cone To Cuboid Drawing (PDF)

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Figure 2 - a) Cuboid intersecting a Right Cone using CoCu 3D DXF exports.
b,c) Leadwork
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Figure 3 - Cone intersecting a cuboid - again the same problem as above but the cuboid dimensions becoming
larger then cone diameter and by using a negative apex height it's now a right frustum cone. Again the above PDF drawing will explain how the parameters are applied to the design.
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Figure 4 - 3D exports from CoCu - Select either the cuboid branch or cone region of interest to export the respective 3D DXF model.