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Requested new features are trialed out in the beta versions. Beta Versions of STOR are available to STOR12 full version users:
STOR23beta features (Beta Version available from members area from Jan.2012)
STOR22beta features (Replaced by higher version)
STOR211beta features (Replaced by higher version)
STOR21beta features (Replaced by higher version)
STOR20beta features (Replaced by higher version)

Pyramid-to-Cylinder (PyCy) made available for full version users of STOR12 - More info on PYCY
Cone-to-Cuboid (CoCu) made available for full version users of STOR12 - More info on CotoCu

STOR Version 1.5 available to buy from ShareIT - Isometric views + face centroid and face normal calculations, see Figure 1 below. Full version users can export the normals with the 3D DXF geometry.
More info on the face normals

STOR Version 1.02 - CAD Depot Tool of the Week - Feb. 12th 2006

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STOR is not just an alternative method to the manual drawing of patterns but an engineering tool to help design the transformations. You can control key geometrical parameters and perform advanced calculations like finding the internal volume and once you have designed your square-to-round then the pattern has already been developed and you're ready to go.

Within the construction industry, tradesmen and especially sheet metal workers need to know how to construct a square-to-round. Square-to-rounds are often used for hoppers, stove chimney hoods and HVAC pipe work systems. The square-to-round is such an elegant geometrical form and has always been the first great challenge for any apprentice sheet metal worker. Anyone in the sheet metal trade will be aware of the "luminous" green book by Dickason (1) which is the definitive guide for any aspiring sheet metal pattern maker. Developing your patterns on paper with set squares and dividers is a highly admirable and desirable skill. I hope computer software never fully stops people from learning manual drafting skills. If you're an apprentice sheet metal worker I would prefer you to buy the Dickason book before buying this software.

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Figure 1a) Windows 7 version 1.5 Screen Shot. 1b)XP Screen Shot version 1.2

The square-to-round software also incorperates rectangle-to-round development with the ability to off-centre the circle position when required. When you're developing a pattern on the drawing board it would be unusual to divide the circle into any more than 24 or 36 divisions because of the length of time it would take. This software allows a greater precision by dividing the circle up to 120 divisions. This helps define the pattern curve describing the round end and reducing the truncation error.

The software is designed not only for the sheet metal worker to draw a square-to-round but also for managers and estimators who need know how much material is required. There are functions for the engineer like finding the internal volume. In fact you can design the area of the circle to be equal to area of the rectangle and then lock off either rectangle side lengths and the adjustment of the area will only occur in the unlocked axis. Additional calculated properties (from the menubar) are available like the 2D pattern area and minimum blank area and hence any wasted area.

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Figure 2 - Paper sheet mode allows you to visualize your paper dimensions and the drawing can be scaled to that paper size.
Note: You can produce rectangle-to-offset circle transformers as shown.
The area of the circle and square areas have been set equal but the X axis
has been locked forcing the Y axis to accommodate.

Encad Plotter Encad Plotter
Figure 3a - Encad NovaJetII plotter - accurate plotting of patterns.
Figure 3b - Hopper for rain water guttering -3 mm Mild Steel Square to Round with a galvanized finish

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Figure 4 - Square-to-circle fan nozzles

I'm hoping the software will reach a wider audience than the Dickason book i.e. draughtsmen - perhaps maybe: school children, model makers,mould makers, dress makers,fashion designers, toy makers, and anybody who is fascinated in how a square can transform into a circle. There's a free version for anyone curious which contains nag screens, and a full version for commercial users.

Limited Free Version (Free with Nags)
  • Draw a Square-to-Round
  • Dynamic redrawing when the properties are changed
  • Print a simple spec. sheet containing a list of all properties of the square-to-round.
  • Paper Sheet mode - Novel scaled vector printing method for accurate scaled plots.
  • Additional geometric properties calculated.

    If you find a bug or have any comment please email me and I'll correct any errors.

    Full Version - additional features
  • 2D DXF Export of plan,front elevation and pattern.
  • 2D DXF Export of Pattern as a continuous poly line suitable for CNC machine tools and CAM software.
  • 3D DXF Export for CAD operators and marketing purposes.
  • 3D VRML Export for web browser plugins
  • JPEG export which is an ideal format for web page documentation or email attachment.
  • BMP export useful a starting point for graphic designers.
  • Quick Snapshot (BMP) on the press of key (F10) - ideal for then compiling into AVI or animated GIF files.
  • Html export to enable you to communicate your ideas via the web.

    Minimum Specification
    Version 1.4 or higher was designed and tested for XP, VISTA and W7. Earlier versions are available for Windows 98SE, Windows Millennium, Windows NT4 SP6a and Windows 2000 Professional
    No special graphics card required - 800x600x256 min.

    A printer must be installed (local, network, virtual or generic print to file).
    Additional Material
    Simple printing method using virtual PDF print driver (CutePDF)
    The original simple method of printing a spec. sheet which is often useful for faxing to a customer.

    Example 1 of the scaled print out result using virtual PDF print driver (CutePDF)
    Example 2 of the scaled print out result using virtual PDF print driver (CutePDF)
    Using the square-to-round software

    Mathematics behind the square-to-round transformer

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Extra Material

    Home page


    [1] Dickason A,., The Geometry of Sheet Metal Work, Longman Scientific & Technical(1987)


    CutePDF is a virtual printer driver which is very useful for making PDF files.

    DXF file format is a registered Trademark of Autodesk, Inc.

    Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

    If I've omitted or incorrectly used any trademark please contact and I'll correct any errors or omissions, Ty Harness.