STOR211beta first created 05/12/08 - last modified 05/12/08 Page Author: Ty Harness
Work in Progress - please refresh page by pressing F5 for latest info.

New features
  • Important bug fix - please uninstall STOR21beta and replace with STOR211beta
  • Compound rotation about the x axis, y axis and z axis by entering angles for the circle end
  • Nudge control - experimental

    Bug Fix

    STOR211beta fixes a problem with the Inclined circle square off central axis feature with STOR21beta. STOR21beta produced a deformed circular end. I've performed 8 tests using a known circular pipe connection to check whether circular end is being deformed when rotated.

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    Figure 1 - Test 1

    Tests 1-4 are performed with the Square Off central axis check box checked.

    Test 5 inclines the circular end about it's own X axis by -20 deg.

    Test 6 inclines the circular end about it's own Y axis by 20 deg.

    Test 7 is the compound angle formed by rotating X 20 deg and Y 20 deg.

    Test 8 repeat of test 3 with more triangulations.
    Inclined circle end with a compounded circle end

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    Figure 2 - Compound angle YXZ angle : 20,20,0 - Test 7 screen shot

    More on compound orientation of the circle end.

    To fully describe a compound angle we need 3 rotations to position the circle end in any orientation.

    The way my algorithm works lends itself to this convention:

    RY, RX and then RZ (YXZ convention where the transformation matrix can be found at at

    it's not easy to measure angles at the best of times and I'm still not happy that 3 rotations is the best entry method for sheet metal workers who'd go on site and (say) measure 3 plumb verticals and offsets from a datum point to describe the circle end.

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    Figure 3- Sample picture description here

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    Figure 4 - Compound YXZ angle : 20,20,20

    RZ vs. Nudging

    Write some on the pros and cons of nudging to make well conditioned patterns. More information on nudging can be found: here.

    Tested in Firefox 2.04: FireFox homepage